“One Family One Job” Sikkim Government Scheme

Sikkim is one of the only state in country that spends its 70% revenue in salaries for state government employees (which is highest in any of the state government’s salaries).

Sikkim’s Cheif Minister Pawan Chamling has annouced a scheme “One Family, One Job” to provide employment.

Sikkim became the first state in the country to launch an exclusive programme which entitles every family in the state with a government job.

What is “One Family, One Job”?

  • The scheme offers employment to a member of every family which does not have a government job in the state.
  • Under this scheme, all loan debts in the farming and agriculture sector would be revoked.
  • At present recruitments are being made for Group C & D posts in 12 government departments.

Sikkim’s CM Pawan Chamling said that appointments are given on 26 different posts such as chowkidar(guard), ward attendents in hospitals and other health facilities, maali(gardener), village police guards, assistant village librarians etc…

The Chief Minister handed over appointment letters to over 12000 unemployed youths at an amployment fair organised at the Paljor Stadium in Gangtok(Sikkim). Only members of those families which do not have a government job at present are eligible for government employment under this scheme.

The government announced that the nature of job is not temporary and would be regularised after every 5 years.

Sikkim, the 2nd smallest state in India, has a population size of 6.10 lakh (2011 census) with on a average 5 persons in a family means that 1,22,000 families will be entitled to the employees benefits under this scheme, which will cost the exchequer Rs. 250 crore annually. As of now, Sikkim has nearly 1 lakh regularised employees on its pay rolls.

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