Rythu Bima : Farmer Insurance Scheme by Telangana Government

Rythu Bima Scheme by Telangana Government

To overcome the agricultural poor productivity and production owing to frequent occurrence of droughts, lesser technological penetration and low investment capacity of farmers, and also to ensure the economic and social security to the farmers, the Telangana Government launched an innovative scheme called as Farmers Group Life Insurance Scheme or Rythu Bima Scheme.

The majority of Telangana farmers are ‘small and marginal farmers’ who mainly depends on agriculture for their livelihood.

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The implementation of this scheme is based on farmer-wise online land data base through IT and Online portals and MIS which are being used by all the outreach officers for effective and effective implemetation.

Farmer Insurance Scheme: Rythu Bima

Objective of the Scheme

  • To provide financial relief and social security to the family members/dependents, in case of loss of farmer’s life due to any reason.

Age Group

  • All the farmers in the age group of 18 to 59 years are eligible under this scheme.

Uniqueness of the Scheme

  • The nominee is not required to approach any office for the settlement of claim amount.
  • The outreach officers at village level collects data from revenue department in the event of loss of life of any farmer and submitted to the LIC on behalf of designated nominee of the farmer.

Insured Amount

  • The entire premium amount is paid by the government to the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India.
  • In case of death of enrolled farmer due to any cause including natural death, the insured amount of Rs 5 lakh is deposited into the designated nominee account within 10 days.
  • The cliamed amount would be directly transferred through RTGS into nominee account.

The implementation of this scheme has a positive impact on the lives of the bereaved families in helping their livelihood as most of them are resource poor small farmers and belong to weaker section of society.

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