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KALIA Scheme stand for Krushak Assitance for Livelihood & Income Augmentation.

KALIA Scheme, a state government initiative launched by Odisha Government. Under the ambit of KALIA scheme, financial, livelihood & cultivation support given to small, marginal and landless farmers.

Overall this scheme benefits about 92% farmers in the Odisha State and the Odisha state government identified 32 lakh beneficiary cultivators.

KALIA scheme also covers insurance and personal accident cover for the beneficiary.

KALIA Scheme Govt Website : Official Site

Features Of KALIA Scheme:

  • Assistance for Cultivation
  • Assistance for Livelihood
  • Assistance for vulnerable Agricultural Household
  • Life Insurance and Personal Accident Cover
  • Interest Free Crop Loan

Assistance For Cultivation

  1. Finacial Assistance of Rs 25,000 per farm family over five seasons.
  2. Covers Small & Marginal farmers.
  3. Money can be used in purchasing inputs like fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and use assistance towards labour and other investments.

Assistance For Livelihood

  1. Financial Assistance of Rs 12,500/-.
  2. Covers all Landless Agricultural Household.
  3. Money can be used for agricultural aliied-activities like goat rearing, bee keeping, mushroom cultivation etc.

Assistance For Vulnerable Agricultural Household

  1. Financial Assistance of Rs 10,000/-.
  2. Covers all vulnerable cultivators and landless agricultural labourers.
  3. Particularly benefits people in old age, or having any disability or disease.

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Life Insurance

  1. Life Insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh at premium of Rs 330/- (Rs 165/- by State Govt.).
  2. Personal Accident cover of Rs 2 lakh at premium of Rs 12/- (Rs 6/- by State Govt.).
  3. Covers people having Savings Bank account.
  4. Age limit: 18 – 50 years.

Interest Free Crop Loan

  1. Crop Loan upto Rs 50,000/- available at 0% interest rate.
  2. Covers all vulnerable landless laborers, share croppers, cultivators and agricultural families identified by Gram Panchayat.

KALIA Scheme Govt Website : Official Site

List of Kalia Beneficiary: View Now

For any query related to Kalia Scheme, Call 1800-572-1122

Kalia Scheme Whatsapp Link (8456099688)

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