Kalia Chhatravritti Scheme : Odisha Government

“Kalia Chatravritti Scheme” announced by Odisha Chief Minister during a farmer’s congregation in Keonjhar.

Kalia Chatravritti Scheme will provide scholarship for the children of farmers who are the beneficiaries of “Kalia Scheme“. The state governement will bear the education expenses of the children of KALIA Scheme beneficiaries.

KALIA Scheme, a state government initiative launched by Odisha Government. Under the ambit of KALIA scheme, financial, livelihood & cultivation support given to small, marginal and landless farmers.

Under this scheme, the children of Farmers who are beneficiaries of Kalia scheme will be provided scholarships for pursuing higher education in professional colleges on merit basis, will be available free of cost.

For any query related to Kalia Chhatravritti Scheme, Call 1800-572-1122

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